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In the focus

Istituto Giordano obtains the Accreditation of Tests on Construction Products - AVCP 3: initial type tests

Istituto Giordano, Notified Body No. 0407 for a large number of product families, has worked for this goal with a significant effort in terms of both economic and human resources dedicated and maintained to support the accreditation of these activities.

New XXL temperature and humidity chamber for conditioning and heat stress tests

Our specialist engineers have designed and constructed a new state-of-the-art temperature and humidity chamber at our laboratory in Bellaria. Its size and specifications make it one of the finest in the country and it is designed for conditioning and heat stress testing linked to climate change of various product types from a range of sectors.

UKCA marking: agreement between Istituto Giordano and BBA (UK approved bodies)

BBA recognises the CPR AVCP 1 and 2+ audits/inspections performed by Istituto Giordano for the purposes of obtaining and maintaining the corresponding UKCA certification.

New wind generator with 4-metre propeller

We have a new test rig!
Having designed and constructed the first wind generator in 2017, we have now built a new rig even bigger than the previous one and capable of simulating even severer weather conditions.

Test ASTM E90-09 for external and internal vertical partitions accredited by ACCREDIA!

More and more often, companies operating in the American and Middle Eastern markets are required to have their products or construction systems, generally external and internal vertical partitions, tested for sound insulation in accordance with the ASTM E 90-09 standard.
The accreditation of the test is an essential requirement and now our Acoustics Laboratory is able to perform this type of service.

Environmental certification of heat generators fired by solid biomass fuels

Istituto Giordano is a Notified Body as specified by Ministerial Decree No. 186 dated 7th November 2017 and can therefore issue environmental certification for heat generators, test Customer appliances in accordance with the methods given in Table 2 of the Decree in question or adopt the tests performed using the same methods in other European Union countries and assign the relative environmental certification.