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CWCT Testing

In our Security & Safety Laboratory we perform numerous tests based on standards published by the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology), founded in 1989 and now supported by more than 350 member companies drawn from the field of building envelopes and glazing, a sector for which it organises courses and publishes technical standards and guidance.

Our new brand identity. Backed by experience and eyeing the future!

Progress is the world's driving force and for more than 60 years has encouraged our quest for innovation and development.
We therefore invest constantly in research and new forms of certification, in order to assist in your professional future with the right tools.

New wind generator with 4-metre propeller

We have a new test rig!
Having designed and constructed the first wind generator in 2017, we have now built a new rig even bigger than the previous one and capable of simulating even severer weather conditions.

New XXL temperature and humidity chamber for conditioning and heat stress tests

Our specialist engineers have designed and constructed a new state-of-the-art temperature and humidity chamber at our laboratory in Bellaria. Its size and specifications make it one of the finest in the country and it is designed for conditioning and heat stress testing linked to climate change of various product types from a range of sectors.

ISO 16932:2020 “Glass in building — Destructive windstorm-resistant security glazing — Test and classification

Istituto Giordano is an internationally-recognised laboratory capable of performing a complete test to determine the resistance to impact caused by windborne debris during a destructive windstorm and at the same time the resistance to cycles of strong positive and negative pressure caused by gusts of wind.


Please note that Istituto Giordano is OPEN and OPERATIONAL  during this period of general disruption (Prime Ministerial Decree 26/04/2020 – activities authorised in Annex 1 - ATECO classification of economic activities, codes 71 “Businesses offering architectural and engineering services; acceptance testing and technical analysis” and 72 “Scientific research and development”).

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Agreement between Istituto Giordano and Intertek

Intertek, an International Certification body, recognize our Accredia accredited tests according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025. 

This collaboration confirms the validity and credibility of our Institute as a partner for companies wishing to certify their products abroad by carrying out laboratory tests in Italy.

See the full list of our Accredia accredited tests

The America WDMA Association recognizes our tests on windows, doors and skylights

After the American institutions NAMI and KEYSTONE, also the WDMA Association recognizes our tests on windows, doors and skylights carried out according to the main American standards ASTM and AAMA.
Look at the reference standards in detail.

Test ASTM E90-09 for external and internal vertical partitions accredited by ACCREDIA!

More and more often, companies operating in the American and Middle Eastern markets are required to have their products or construction systems, generally external and internal vertical partitions, tested for sound insulation in accordance with the ASTM E 90-09 standard.
The accreditation of the test is an essential requirement and now our Acoustics Laboratory is able to perform this type of service.

KEYSTONE, the US inspection agency, has recognized our tests on glass doors, windows, and curtain walls

We are the ONLY laboratory outside the US and Canada to have obtained such recognition. 
This means that a European company can be certified with Keystone by conducting performance tests at our laboratories, thereby making their product more attractive for the US market. 

Our reports and certificates have a new graphic design

Starting from Jenuary 2019 our certificates changed design to address customer needs and regulatory guidelines.

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ECB•S Certification for burglary resistance products

Istituto Giordano is a recognized cooperation partner of ECB (European Certification Body GmbH) able to carry out the tests needed to obtain security certification for burglary resistance products such as: secure safe cabinets, ATM safes, ATM bases, strongroom doors, vaults, ATMs, etc.
ECB•S Certification guarantees that the products bearing its mark have been tested to the most exacting standards covering burglary resistance, fire resistance and quality of the materials utilised.

United Arab Emirates and Middle East: collaboration between IG and the Dubai body certification, TBWIC

After having been qualified as laboratory at the Civil Defense of the UAE, Istituto Giordano signs a new collaboration with an important Dubai Certification Body: Thomas Bell-Wright (TBWIC). Thanks to this agreement, our Institute is qualified as an Inspection Body and is able to carry out all the sampling and inspection activities on behalf of TBWIC.  Choosing Istituto Giordano means enjoying the benefits of an Italian one stop shop for all the certification activities needed in the Middle East.


Istituto Giordano has been recognized by NAMI, the American Certification Body, for environmental tests, burglar resistance and mechanical resistance, according to the main American standards ASTM and AAMA, on doors and windows and curtain walls. On the America side, it has also signed a new partnership with Buildings Drops Inc, founded by Hermes Norero, a leader in the field of windows and curtain walls, for which it will test systems and products in Europe for the US market.

Environmental certification of heat generators fired by solid biomass fuels

Istituto Giordano is a Notified Body as specified by Ministerial Decree No. 186 dated 7th November 2017 and can therefore issue environmental certification for heat generators, test Customer appliances in accordance with the methods given in Table 2 of the Decree in question or adopt the tests performed using the same methods in other European Union countries and assign the relative environmental certification.

Certification of highway gully tops and manhole tops

Istituto Giordano has obtained ACCREDIA accreditation according to the EN 124: 2015 series.
The old standard for certification of these products, EN 124: 1994, could only be used until March 2017.

Weather resistance of windows, doors, wall cladding and similar devices located in hurricane zones

Our Security & Safety laboratory performs testing in accordance with American ASTM and AAMA standards, along with the various technical regulations of American federal states such as the FLORIDA BUILDING CODE and NEW YORK BUILDING CODE, etc.
These standards specify the test methods most frequently used and requested by Italian manufacturers doing business abroad (in particular in the United States, but also in the Far and Middle East).


Emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials

Istituto Giordano participates in the European metrological research project EMIRIM. The project will improve the emissivity measurement of any coating or surface treatment used in buildings and this will lead to a better assessment of IR heat exchanges between the surfaces of a building and the surrounding environment (both internal and external). Finally, it will be possible to evaluate the real IR reflection properties of materials used in buildings.

CE marking of power cables in accordance with the CPR: new notification for Istituto Giordano!

CE marking of power cables in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (CPR) has become mandatory with effect from 1st July 2017.
Istituto Giordano, notified body for AVCP 1+ and 3, performs preliminary testing, inspection and factory production control for CE marking of electric cables.

TEST CELL: thermodynamic characterisation of building enclosure systems

On 29/06/2017 at our laboratory in Gatteo, the University of Reggio Calabria and Bosch Rexroth carried out a visit to verify the conformity of the supply referring to the "Test Cell".

Glazed railings: ACCREDIA accreditation for UNI 11678 standard

We have recently obtained ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the testing of glazed railings in accordance with the new UNI 11678 standard “Glass in building . Glass infill panels serving as safety parapet – resistance to horizontal static linear load and dynamic load – Test methods”.
Our Security and Safety laboratory can perform all the tests required by the new standard.

Motor ... Action!

These are not scenes from a film, but the live broadcast of a spectacular test in which the 1500 RPM motor of an aircraft propeller generates effects very similar to those of a tropical storm.