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On-site surveys and acceptance testing

The “On-site Surveys and Acceptance Testing” sector aims to provide on-site assistance to Designers, Project Managers and Inspectors in order to make use of their knowledge of structures under renovation or supply test data for acceptance testing of a brand new construction.
With the recent D.M. n. 18 of 03/01/2022, Istituto Giordano is authorized by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, to operate in accordance with art. 59 paragraph 2 c-bis of the Presidential Decree n. 380/2001 (laboratories for tests and controls on building materials on existing structures and buildings) pursuant to Circular 633/ STC of 03/12/2019.

Our highly-skilled staff possess Non-Destructive Testing Level 3 Certification and can assist those working in the sector by identifying the optimum solution for each individual project and suggesting the survey programme.

Using the experience and knowledge acquired after almost thirty years in the business, we carry out static and dynamic load testing of floors, bridges and viaducts, load testing of piles and micropiles, destructive and non-destructive testing of plain, reinforced and prestressed concrete constructions, masonry and structural metalwork.

Require the TESTING AND MATERIALS APPLICATION forms (pursuant to Act No. 1086 dated 5/11/1971 with the updates requested by the Ministerial Decree for cubes and rebars): sdc@giordano.it


The main on-site survey and acceptance testing activities can be summarised as follows:

Reinforced-concrete structures
  • Cover meter survey (DIN 1045)
  • Determination of rebound number (UNI EN 12504-2)
  • Determination of ultrasonic pulse velocity (UNI EN 12504-4)
  • Combined pulse velocity/rebound test (SonReb method)
  • Pull-out tests (UNI EN 12504-3)
  • Taking concrete core and microcore samples (UNI EN 14630, UNI 9944)
  • Carbonation of concrete using phenolphthalein (UNI 9944)
  • Chloride ion penetrability (UNI 11747)
  • Sulphate ion penetrability (UNI 8019)
  • Determination of corrosion half-cell potential of reinforcing steel (UNI 9535)
  • Cross-Hole Sonic Logging of foundation piles
  • Foundation pile length and integrity testing using the pulse-echo method
  • Structural monitoring

Masonry structures
  • Flat jack (single or double) testing
  • Determination of creep strength (shear stress - τ)
  • Endoscopic examination
  • Sonic sounding
  • Mortar mechanical strength using a PNT-G penetrometer
  • Quantitative petrographic examination of mortar (UNI 11176)
  • X-ray diffraction analysis of mortar (UNI EN 13925-2)
  • Determination of anion content in mortars: sulphates, nitrates and chlorides by ion chromatography (UNI 11087)
  • Crack width and structural monitoring

Structural timber:
  • Testing of solid and laminated timber
  • Joint testing of solid and laminated timber
  • Testing of wood-based panels

On-site acceptance testing
  • Load testing of piles and micropiles
  • Static load testing of floors
  • Static load testing of beams
  • Load testing of stairs
  • Load testing of roofs
  • Acceptance testing of bridges and viaducts

Laboratory acceptance testing
  • Reinforced-concrete, prestressed-concrete, fibre-reinforced-concrete, steel, timber and prefabricated structural members.
The sector’s test instrumentation includes a wide range of machines, instruments and pieces of equipment.

The most commonly used are:
  • Proceq Profometer cover meters (various models)
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity testers with oscilloscopes (various models)
  • Sclerometers with relative calibration anvil
  • Wall anchor pull-out equipment
  • Core drills and microcore drills with crowns of various sizes
  • Equipment for determination of the armour corrosion
  • Sonic equipment of Boviar for echo sounding tests on pole
  • MAE equipment for Cross-Hole tests on pole
  • Demec strain gauge with accuracy of 0.001 mm and gauge lengths ranging from 200 to 300 mm
  • Complete masonry cutting apparatus for flat-jack testing
  • Cylindrical pistons for masonry creep testing
  • Modular rigid endoscope
  • PNT-G penetrometer
  • Polarising microscope
  • X-ray diffractometer
  • Ion chromatography apparatus
  • Hydraulic pistons in a range of different models and capacities (28 pistons) for load testing of piles, micropiles, beams and floor slabs
  • Hollow rod cylinders
  • Jacks for pull-out testing of anchors and rods
  • Water-filled weight bags in various sizes and amounts (12 bags) for load testing of floor slabs, roofs, beams and walkways
  • Large numbers (more than 200) of 200-litre drums of water for load testing of stairs, walkways, roofs, floor slabs, beams
  • FBM/A automatic deflection logging systems using potentiometer displacement transducers fitted to telescopic poles
  • Analogue dial indicators with resolution of 0.01 and 0.001 mm for measuring deflection
  • Tension and compression load cells of various capacity
  • Mitutoyo digital protractor
  • Aus JENA levelling instrument
  • Laser distance meters
  • Mortar and plaster pull-off tester
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