Oscar Filippini

Oscar Filippini
Tel. 0541 322.249
E-mail o.filippini@giordano.it

Chemistry of materials

In our Chemical Analysis Lab are carried out:
  • Analysis of water used for the preparation of concrete according to UNI EN 1008.
  • Initial type testing for CE marking:
            - additives for concrete (UNI EN 934-2:2002);  
            - reaction resin adesive for tiles (UNI EN 12004:2003);
            - hinges (UNI EN 1935:2004);
            - panic exit devices for emergency exits on escape routes (UNI EN 1125:2008);
            - variable message traffic signs (UNI CEI EN 12966-1)
            - controlled door closing devices (UNI EN 1154:2003);
  • KESTERNICH test – resistance to humid environments containing sulphur dioxide according to UNI EN ISO 3231 (Paints) UNI EN 13919 (Stone) - UNI EN ISO 105/N05 (Textiles) UNI EN ISO 6988 (Inorganic metallic coverings)
  • Tests on paints:  hardness (Bucholz indentation test according to UNI EN ISO 2815), TABER abrasion and wear test (UNI 1050/UNI 9550) for flooring in sports facilities/gymnasiums UNI 10559 paints / UNI 8298 Part 9 resinous coating for flooring ASTM D4060 paints / UNI EN 438 decorative laminates UNI 9115 furniture / UNI ENV 13696 for parquet and wood floors) Adherence to substrate using Pull Off Test on resinous and resilient floor coverings (ISO 4624 - UNI EN 24624- ASTM D4541 - UNI 8298, Determination of resistance to chemical agents (UNI 8298/4).
  • Accelerated ageing in WEATHEROMETER chamber with water-cooled Xeno lamp, 6500 W.
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