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Certification work performed by the Istituto Giordano Glass Department closely follows the specifications of the major standards issued by national and international standards organisations (UNI, CEN, ISO, NF, ASTM) with specific reference to those issued for the flat glass sector in compliance with the standards linked to Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 covering construction products.

The Glass Department has the equipment and skills needed to perform the certification work requested for the glazing sector and is authorised by the Ministry for Economic Development to issue as applicable:
  • Initial type test certification
  • Product conformity certification along with related inspection
  • Certification of conformity of factory production control (FPC) by performing continuous surveillance, assessment and approval

It can also operate as:
  • Product Certification Body
  • Inspection Body
  • Test Laboratory


The Istituto Giordano Glass Department can issue certification for the following products:
  • Insulating glass units (UNI EN 1279)
  • Laminated glass and laminated safety glass including fire-resistant glazed elements (UNI EN 14449)
  • Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass (UNI EN 12150)
  • Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass (UNI EN 1863)
  • Chemically strengthened soda lime silicate glass (UNI EN 12337)
  • Heat soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass (UNI EN 14179)
  • Thermally toughened borosilicate safety glass (UNI EN 13024)
  • Basic alkaline earth silicate glass products (UNI EN 14178)
  • Borosilicate glasses (UNI EN 1748-1)
  • Glass ceramics (UNI EN 1748-2)
  • Coated glass (UNI EN 1096)
  • Basic soda lime silicate glass products (UNI EN 572)
  • Glass blocks and glass pavers (UNI EN 1051)
The Glass Department is a member of the UNI (Italian standards body) Glass Commission working parties.

It is involved in voluntary product certification through the application of special rules leading to the granting of a licence to use the Istituto Giordano Quality Mark, and can perform characterisation of glass products used in the rail and shipping sector.

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