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Thermal transmission | ETICS

The Thermal Transmission Section – ETICS section is primarily responsible for the coordination and execution of all testing activities for the voluntary CE marking of external thermal insulation systems (ETICS), i.e. so-called “coats”.
These activities refer to EADs (European Assessment Documents), i.e. documents adopted by the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) and TABs (Technical Assessment Bodies), for the purpose of issuing ETAs (European Technical Assessments). In particular, for cladding systems, the main reference EAD is 040083-00-0404 (formerly ETAG 004).


  • Water absorption of ETICS systems
  • Verification of hygrothermal behaviour, i.e. subjecting a wall with the ETICS system installed to hot-rain and hot-cold cycles
  • Testing of freeze-thaw behaviour
  • Impact resistance (shocks)
  • Bond strength before and after conditioning
  • Resistance and thermal transmittance of ETICS systems

In addition to these activities, which are managed directly by the Thermal Transmission Section - ETICS, tests can be carried out on “coats” at the Istituto Giordano:
  • Reaction to fire, managed by the section of the same name
  • Water vapour permeability, handled by the chemistry section
  • Hail impact resistance, handled by the Safety section
  • Mechanical tests (bond strength, dowel pull resistance, dead load test, render strip tensile test, etc.) are managed by the Safety section.
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