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  • In this section there will be listed routine activities carried out by the laboratory, that primarily touch the safety sector in English terms of “Safety” that is security in the use of the product.    
  • Tests on panic bar and panic exit devices according to harmonized regulations EN necessary for the CE marking;
  • Tests on hinges, mechanisms for swing devices, closing regulators and stop regulators according to EN regulations necessary for CE marking;
  • Mechanical and cyclical tests on fixtures according to UNI and EN;
  • Tests of characterization of materials for naval and railway use;
  • Tests for the characterization and CE marking of glasses according to the main international regulations;
  • Mechanical and environmental tests on roofing systems;
  • Environmental tests (water wind and air) on fixtures from the simple window to curtain walls according to the mainly international European and American regulations; tests usable for American certification NAMI, KEYSTONE,WDMA HALLMARK CERTIFICATION PROGRAM and MIAMI DADE COUNTY
  • Tests of mechanic characterization on isolating materials and/or sheath for waterproofing;
  • Tests on parapets and balaustrades according to the main national and international regulations;
  • Wind resistance tests on blackout closures, outdoor blinds and on building components;
  • Tests on suspended ceiling and plasterboard partition wall;
  • Impact tests on protection components for shaping and anti-hardship barriers;
  • Impact tests on façade coverings for outdoors and indoor partitions;
  • Tests for the mechanical characterization of road and railway noise barriers that are necessary for the achievement of CE marking;
  • Seal tests to gusts for curtain walls and fixtures according to AAMA 501.1-05;   
  • Bench for permeability tests to air, water and wind resistance on fixtures, walls and coverings with size 18 m x 9 m ;
  • Bench for dynamic water on walls according to UNI ENV 13050;
  • Bench for tests on parapets with maximum light 6000 mm;
  • Bench for durability tests and impact on slab roofing;
  • Constant speed and constant gradient traction machine with maximum load 100 KN;
  • Bench for tests on playgrounds coverings according to UNI EN 1177;
  • Bench for cyclical tests on locks, handles, panic exit devices, hinges, door closers, stop doors and closing regulator;
  • Bench for tests on road signs;
  • Devices for cyclical tests on fixtures, furniture and components of various applications;
  • Compressed air cannon for tests on false ceilings, roofing and protection schemes;

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