Andrea Bruschi

Andrea Bruschi
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  • Testing of controlled door closing devices according to EN 1154.
  • Testing of panic exit devices according to EN 1125 and EN 179 (LAB No. 0021).
  • Testing of accessories for doors and windows according to EN 13126.  
  • Characterisation testing of furniture according to UNI standards.
  • Characterisation testing on materials for naval, railways, automobile and aerospace applications.
  • Characterisation testing of glazing according to UNI, DIN, BSI, NFP and EN standards.
  • Mechanical/durability testing of covering systems.
  • Testing of vertical road signs (ref. Para. 1, Art. 80, Presidential Decree No. 495/92) of resistance to horizontal load.
  • Mechanical characterisation testing on insulation materials.
  • Mechanical characterisation testing of bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing.
  • Testing of railing systems according to Ministerial Decree.
  • Testing of wind resistance of shutters and blinds, external blinds and shutters and building components.
  • Testing of suspended ceilings.
  • Impact resistance testing on components of protection for machine tools.
  • Mechanical and cyclic testing on doors and windows according to UNI and EN standards.
  • Testing on impact absorbing playground surfacing according to UNI EN 1177.
  • Testing of hospital waste (Sharps) containers according to BSI 7320.
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