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Alessandro Trevisani
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Wood technology

This laboratory concerns itself with activities from the determination of chemical/physical qualities of wood as a raw material, to the determination of mechanical characteristics of the finished product and of wood by-products.

The activities also cover the furniture and furnishings sectors, wood laminate structures, panels, packaging (crates etc.) and biofuels with the study of wood recycling, the determination of the lifecycle of wood products (diagnostics/restoration), wood protection treatments, the glueing of wood and emission of dangerous substances.

In this way it is possible to supply national and international markets with solutions regarding construction products according to EC directives and for CE marking.
Main activities:

Authorization according to art. 59 D.P.R 380/2001 of CCSSLP for B sector ( structural wood):
  • Tests on solid and laminated wood;
  • Tests on couplings in solid and laminated wood;
  • Tests on panels made from wood;

Chemical-biological analysis of wood: 
  • Chemical testing of wood, treatment control
  • Durability of wood and its by-products.
  • Biology anatomy identification of parasites/funghi.
  • Ecotox environmental compatibility testing.
  • On-site inspections of wood elements.
  • Durability and fire resistance tests according to ETAG 028 and CEN TS 15912
  • Risk/ service class analysis
  • Diagnostic investigations of wooden structures
Physical-Mecchanical analysis of wood: 
  • Bending strength, compression, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, quality of glueing, fatigue resistance, concentrated load etc.
Characterization of raw materials:
  • Defect analysis.
  • Anatomy and morphology.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Hydrometric analysis
Testing of biofuel pelletsTesting of wooden packing (PALLETS ETC.)
Tests on packaging materials

Environmental simulation testing - conditioning and ageing
Study of new technologies for the transformation of wood used in construction
Residue minimization in the wood processing industry:
  • Evaluation of Products and Processes
  • Assessment of environmental impact of products used for wood proptection (paints, glue, adhesives etc.
  • Universal machines for the execution of curve/compression tests that can house until 16 m of samples 
  • Thermal damp static chambers with use range between -40° C and +300 °C with the possibility of dump control on all the range
  • “White” chambers for the execution of biologic tests in sterilized conditions 
  • Instrumentation design of “hoc” test according to specific needs of the customer
  • Environmental simulator for ageing

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