United Arab Emirates and Middle East: collaboration between IG and the Dubai body certification, TBWIC

After having been qualified as laboratory at the Civil Defense of the UAE, Istituto Giordano signs a new collaboration with an important Dubai Certification Body: Thomas Bell-Wright (TBWIC). Thanks to this agreement, our Institute is qualified as an Inspection Body and is able to carry out all the sampling and inspection activities on behalf of TBWIC.  Choosing Istituto Giordano means enjoying the benefits of an Italian one stop shop for all the certification activities needed in the Middle East.

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Istituto Giordano has been recognized by NAMI, the American Certification Body, for environmental tests, burglar resistance and mechanical resistance, according to the main American standards ASTM and AAMA, on doors and windows and curtain walls. On the America side, it has also signed a new partnership with Buildings Drops Inc, founded by Hermes Norero, a leader in the field of windows and curtain walls, for which it will test systems and products in Europe for the US market.

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Environmental certification of heat generators fired by solid biomass fuels

Istituto Giordano is a Notified Body as specified by Ministerial Decree No. 186 dated 7th November 2017 and can therefore issue environmental certification for heat generators, test Customer appliances in accordance with the methods given in Table 2 of the Decree in question or adopt the tests performed using the same methods in other European Union countries and assign the relative environmental certification.

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Travel to Japan and Korea for Istituto Giordano

The Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nazario Giordano carried out an important trip in Japan and Korea to promote our activities in the areas of Product Certification and Laboratory Tests.
In Japan, a meeting was held with an important laboratory, CHEMITOX, based in Tokyo and laboratories in the prefecture of Yamanashi, specialized in tests on photovoltaic panels and industrial materials.
In Korea he met the representatives of KCL, the most important Korean Laboratory, specialized in construction and in various other technological sectors.

New test shaker for the avionics, military, rail and civil sectors

We have installed a new vibration system employing ECO technology at our Pomezia branch.
The new system allows a greater range of products to be tested of increased weight and size (the table’s mounting surface is 750 mm x 1000 mm, extendable using auxiliary plates; the shaker has a maximum payload of 600 kg).

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The Florida Building Code

In the 1990s, the state of Florida was hit by a series of extremely violent hurricanes that caused enormous damage to homes and a sizeable death toll. It was therefore decided to establish the Florida Building Code, a set of standards designed by the US state of Florida to ensure that buildings are resistant to the hurricanes and tornadoes that frequently occur in this area.

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Railway pantograph fatigue test

The test sample comprises a fully-assembled railway pantograph, complete with all electrical and mechanical components, installed on the supporting structure used when in service. The purpose of the test is to assess the fatigue behaviour of the upper-arm welds and note any other phenomenon caused by fatigue during testing.

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