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Low voltage

The new Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) applies to electrical equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 e 1500 V for direct current, other than the equipment and phenomena listed in Annex II therein.
It covers all risks associated with the use of electrical equipment, including electrical, mechanical, chemical and other risks.
It also covers health aspects of noise and vibrations, as well ergonomic aspects.
There is a presumption of conformity with the Directive’s safety objectives for products manufactured in accordance with current technical standards, including European (harmonised standards), international or national standards.

The Istituto Giordano Laboratory carries out all testing and inspection relating to standards that concern the Low Voltage Directive.

In accordance with European harmonised standards and other standards, testing is performed of:
  • household appliances
  • luminaires
  • electrical enclosures (determination of IP Code, etc.)
  • electrical tools
  • stoves
  • heating appliances
  • beauty salon equipment
  • and other items

It also performs:
  • electrical safety testing of high security locks to be fitted to safes in accordance with EN 1300
  • Measure of dielectric rigidity of materials ( EN 60243 -1, EN 60464-2)
  • Determination of resistance and endurance indicators to the track and erosion of solid insulating materials (EN 60112, EN 60587)
  • Non-porosity tests of coverings (EN 14628, EN 15189)
  • Ball pressure test (EN 60695-10-2)
  • Evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields in accordance with CEI EN 62233
  • Security tests of machineries – electric equipment of machines Part 1 : general rules in accordance with EN 60204-1
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