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Ethical code & Policy

Istituto Giordano believes that credibility is essential. is the primary objective of one's business; of certification, test,  calibration and inspection.
To achieve this goal, we implement a quality management system. complies with the requirements established in the rules, laws and internal regulations/procedures in compliance with the principles of:
  • Impartiality
  • Competence
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Quick and effective response to complaints

    These principles are applicable to all levels of the structure, which recognizes the importance of impartiality and the absence of conflicts of interest in every aspect and at every moment of the certification, inspection and laboratory activities carried out, starting from the definition of policies and guidelines, through the development of the entire work process.Imparzialità



The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish the principles and rules of conduct to be followed in everyday work.
Our Code of Ethics reflects the established principles:
  •  in the international legislation applicable to our activity of certification of management systems, products and personnel;
  • for the fight against corruption sanctioned by International Transparency and International Social Responsibility.

These principles and rules are applicable to all employees and collaborators of the Institute who are also called to observe them. It is the responsibility of all personnel, at all levels of our organization, to comply with the principles and rules of conduct of the "Code of Ethics". No violation will be tolerated and no one will suffer any repercussions of any kind for complying with the Code or reporting alleged violations.
Impartiality, independence and professional integrity are the central values ​​and the common links that unite the activities that support the credibility of the conformity assessment activities (tests, calibrations, certification and inspections) issued by Istituto Giordano Spa.
The purpose of the Declaration for the credibility of conformity assessment activities is to establish the principles and behavioral norms to be followed in everyday work.

Statement for the credibility of conformity assessment activities
The gender equality and inclusion policy defined by Istituto Giordano aims to detail the principles and objectives as well as give guidelines that define the company's commitment and internal organization towards these issues.

Gender Equality Policy
Any violation of the Statement on the credibility of certifications - Code of Ethics can be reported to the address below.
Reporting implies conduct that is not in line with the Declaration on the credibility of certifications - Code of Ethics.
A complaint differs from a report as it necessarily implies dissatisfaction with the services or products purchased, link to complaints.
Before submitting a report, we inform you that:
  •     messages forwarded anonymously will not be accepted, in order to avoid carrying out reports for speculative purposes of disturbing competition;
  • the truthfulness of the data entered will be checked;
  • the protection of the personal data of all subjects who use the reporting service is guaranteed and anonymity is ensured in the processing, where requested by the subject;
  • it should be noted that in the event of reports referring to possible criminal offenses committed by Istituto Giordano S.p.A. or in any case violations of the Organizational Model or the Code of Ethics, the Supervisory Body of Istituto Giordano S.p.A. will be informed.

Address reports to: E-mail: