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Heat Transmission - Testing

The Thermal Transmission - Testing Section deals with the analysis of thermal insulation characteristics of materials and components for building and industrial applications. These products include:
  • thermal insulators;
  • masonry, floors;
  • insulating glazing;;
  • precast concrete panels;
  • self-supporting sandwich panels;
  • insulating tiles, and pre-insulated pipes for district heating.

A further activity of the laboratory is the characterisation of different types of chimneys, smoke ducts and flues for the evacuation of combustion fumes.

Below is a list of the main activities and products tested.
  • Thermal transmittance using the hot chamber method of walls (EN ISO 8990).
  • Thermal conductivity and thermal resistance using the hot plate method with guard ring (EN 12664, EN 12667 and EN 12939).
  • Thermal conductivity (ASTM E 1530) of thin materials.
  • Thermal conductivity by the radial method (EN ISO 8497) of:
    • insulating tiles for plant and industrial applications;
    • pre-insulated pipes for district heating (EN 253).
  • Maximum use temperature (EN 14706 and EN 14707) of insulators for plant and industrial applications.

Vapour permeability of:

  • construction materials (EN ISO 12572, ASTM E 96);
  • thermal insulation (EN 12086);
  • plasters (EN 1015-19);
  • membranes (EN 1931);
  • thermal insulation for plant and industrial installations (EN 13469).
Water absorption:
  • for short-term partial immersion of thermal insulators (EN ISO 29767, EN 1609);
  • long-term immersion of thermal insulators (EN ISO 16535, formerly EN ISO 12087);
  • in the short term by partial immersion of preformed pipe insulation (EN ISO 12623, EN 13472);
  • for long-term diffusion of thermal insulation (EN ISO 16536, EN 12088);
  • of plastics (EN ISO 62).
  • Thickness (EN ISO 29466, formerly EN 823);
  • ​Length and width (EN ISO 29465 and EN 822;
  • Orthogonality (EN 824);
  • Flatness (EN ISO 29468, ex EN 825.
  • Dimensional stability under normal laboratory conditions (EN 1603);
  • Dimensional stability under specified conditions (EN 1604);
  • Settlement of bulk mineral wool products MW (EN 14064-1) and bulk cellulose products LFCI (EN 15101-1).

Types of chimneys:

  • Metal chimneys (EN 1856-1, EN 1859, EN 13216-1, EN 1443);
  • Metal smoke ducts, smoke ducts and flexible smoke ducts (EN 1856-2, EN 1859);
  • Plastic chimneys (EN 14471);
  • Chimneys, metal terminals and air supply ducts for sealed heating appliances (EN 14989-1, EN14989-2) in coaxial or split configuration;
  • Concrete flues (EN 1857);
  • Concrete Smoke Blocks (EN 1858);
  • External concrete elements (EN 12446).

Types of evidence:

  • Mechanical tests (compressive strength, tensile strength, resistance to lateral stress in non-vertical orientation, wind load resistance);
  • Gas-tightness;
  • Rainwater resistance of the elements;
  • Rainwater resistance of terminals;
  • Condensate penetration resistance;
  • Resistance to water vapour diffusion;
  • Thermal performance under normal operating conditions (Heat resistance);
  • Soot Fire Resistance (Thermal Shock Resistance);
  • Thermal resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance of:
    • metal chimneys for the V2 designation (EN 1856-1 Annex A.2);
    • concrete chimneys (EN 1858 para A.8).
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