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Istituto Giordano is an Accredited private Certification Body, without any link with producer associations: in this way it guarantees its own confidentiality and autonomy.

Certificates issued by our Istituto are recognized and accepted in Italy and internationally by virtue of the accreditations, authorizations/notifications and recognitions obtained.

Certification Body recognized by ACCREDIA

In particular, ACCREDIA accreditations ( Italian accreditation body), guarantee validity and credibility to certifications issued, thanks to ACCREDIA participation to Mutual Recognition Agreements three foreign accreditation bodies, members of EA/IAF ( MLA agreements).

Certification Body Istituto Giordano, guarantee the same validity and credibility even thanks to certifications issued through partnership with certification Bodies accredited by Foreign Bodies, that are also part of MLA agreements.

Thanks to its Ministerial recognition, ACCREDIA accreditation and International Authorisation*, Istituto Giordano is authorized to work as a
Certification Body and Test Laboratory for:

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