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In this section there will be listed all the routine activities carried out by the laboratory, that are part of the security sector in the sense of the English word “Security” and that is security to breaking and entering.

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Main activities:
  • Testing on hinges, mechanisms for tilt and turn devices, controlled door closing and hold-open devices according to EN standards.
  • Characterisation testing on glass according to UNI, DIN, BSI, NFP and EN standards.
  • Mechanical and cyclic testing on doors and windows according to UNI and EN standards.
  • Testing of safes, strong rooms, strong room doors, ATMs, night safes etc. according to EN 1143, Part 1 (with LAB No. 0021), Part 2 and EN standards for domestic safes, EN 14450 and UNI 10868. (IG is authorised by the ECB-S (European Certification Body for Security products) and E.F.S.G (European Fire and Security Group)
  • Testing of high security locks according to EN 1300.
  • Burglar resistance testing on pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters according to UNI EN 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630 (LAB No. 0021).
  • Testing of locks, lock cylinders and latches according to EN 1303, EN 12209 and other standards.
  • Analysis of locks after burglary for the verification and determination of burglary methods.
  • Testing of security glazing for resistance to manual attack (crime and vandalism) according to UNI, DIN, BSI, NFP and EN standards.

Main equipment
  • Test bench for anti-intrusion test on walls, fixture and external latch of maximum sizes 6000x3500mm.
  • Traction machine with constant speed and constant gradient with maximum charge 100 KN
  • Machine for breach test with ax and hammer on glass according to UNI EN 356 regulation
  • Cyclic test benches on locks, handles, panic bars, hinges, door closers, door stops and closing regulators
  • Compressed air cannon for tests on false ceilings, roofs and protection schemes.
  • Test area for attack tests on safes and explosions
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