Daniele Zecca

Daniele Zecca
Tel. 0541 322.319
E-mail d.zecca@giordano.it


  • Testing on hinges, mechanisms for tilt and turn devices, controlled door closing and hold-open devices according to EN standards.
  • Characterisation testing on glass according to UNI, DIN, BSI, NFP and EN standards.
  • Mechanical and cyclic testing on doors and windows according to UNI and EN standards.
  • Testing of safes, strong rooms, strong room doors, ATMs, night safes etc. according to EN 1143, Part 1 (with LAB No. 0021), Part 2 and EN standards for domestic safes, EN 14450 and UNI 10868. (IG is authorised by the ECB-S (European Certification Body for Security products) and E.F.S.G (European Fire and Security Group)
  • Testing of high security locks according to EN 1300.
  • Burglar resistance testing on pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters according to UNI EN 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630 (LAB No. 0021).
  • Testing of locks, lock cylinders and latches according to EN 1303, EN 12209 and other standards.
  • Analysis of locks after burglary for the verification and determination of burglary methods.
  • Testing of security glazing for resistance to manual attack (crime and vandalism) according to UNI, DIN, BSI, NFP and EN standards.
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