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The main activity of the Fire Resistance Test section involves the use of test furnaces to create simulated fire conditions under which manufactured items, structures or sections of building can be tested in order to establish their fire rating.

Fire resistance testing of building elements that are used in constructions subject to special fire-prevention regulations is regulated by a protocol issued by the Ministry of the Interior. Our laboratory has been authorised since 1986 to perform testing in accordance with these regulations, up until 2007 under the terms of Circular No. 91 and thereafter in compliance with the European test standards implemented by Italian legislation.


The section in addiction to  the Fire Resistance Test also performs tests according to the standards of non-EU countries (ASTM etc.) and for the maritime sector in accordance with procedures specified by IMO resolutions such as the Fire Testing Procedures Code.

The laboratory is also a Notified Body for essential requirement 2 “Safety in case of fire” of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR).
Testing of vertical partitions, fire doors, suspended ceilings and penetration seals is carried out under ACCREDIA accreditation (Laboratory No. 0021) in accordance with EN 17025 procedures.

Istituto Giordano’s fire resistance testing activities are also approved by the United Arab Emirates Ministries of Defence and the Interior (more details).

To complete the picture, we offer our customers research and optimisation consultancy services for products requiring specific fire resistance properties.

Which ACCREDIA-accredited tests does this department perform? Browse the general list


  • Fire resistance testing of door and shutter assemblies in accordance with standard UNI EN 1634-1 pursuant to Ministerial Decree dated 21/06/2004 (Ministry of the Interior Authorisation dated 08/02/2008, code RN01FR02A1);
  • Smoke control testing of door and shutter assemblies in accordance with standard UNI EN 1634-3;
  • Fire resistance testing of door and shutter assemblies in accordance with standard UNI 9723 (Ministry of the Interior Authorisation dated 03/07/92);
  • Fire resistance testing of construction products and building elements pursuant to Ministerial Decree dated 16/02/2007 (Ministerial Authorisation dated 08/02/2008):
    • Non-loadbearing walls with penetrations, linear joints, service ducts and shafts, conveyor-belt shutters (authorisation code RN01FR07B1)
    • Loadbearing walls (authorisation code RN01FR05B3)
    • Floor slabs, roofs, stairs, walkways (authorisation code RN01FR06C5)
    • Suspended ceilings and any unloaded horizontal structure (authorisation code RN01FR04C1)
    • Fully-assembled curtain walling (authorisation code RN01FR03B2)
  • Fire resistance testing of products and systems pursuant to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED);
  • Fire resistance testing of special elements such as system valves, piping and conduits.
  • Test furnace with 2000 mm × 2000 mm vertical opening for testing special elements and for research
  • Test furnace with 3200 mm × 3200 mm vertical opening for testing doors and vertical separating elements
  • Test furnace with 3000 mm × 4000 mm horizontal opening for testing both loaded and unloaded horizontal separating elements and structures
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