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This section carries out mainly photometric and colorimetric analysis of road traffic equipment and optics characterisation in the solar range (0,3~2,5 μm) and thermic range (5~50μm).

Main activities:

Road Traffic Equipment
The laboratory appears in the list of Notified Laboratories for CE marking regarding the following product standards:
  • EN 12368 “Traffic control equipment. Signal heads”
  • EN 12352 “Traffic control equipment.  Warning and safety light devices”.
  • EN 12966-1 “ Road vertical signs.  Variable message traffic signs. Part 1: Product standard.”
In addition, the laboratory can carry out other testing:  photometric characterisation, goniophotometric and colorimetric vertical signs.
(EN 12899), Horizontal road marking materials (EN 1436), fari Headlights (IALA E 200 Recommendations)  and lamps and luminaires for road lighting (EN 13032).
Characterisation of building materials:
The laboratory carries out testing according to EN 410 for the determination of lighting characteristics and according to EN 673 for the calculation of thermal transmittance of glass for buildings for EC marking (e.g. glazing for insulation, glass layers).
 The laboratory also carries out the determination of transmittance, reflection factor of light and solar light of transparent materials with complex geometry (ASTM E 1175:2009 and UNI EN ISO 12017:1998).
Furthermore, the following tests to characterise the behaviour of materials exposed to solar and thermal radiation:
  • Solar and light characteristics of various materials (e.g. alveolar sheets, corrugated sheets, solar shields, film) according to EN 410 o ISO 9050.
  •  Light transmission of “Prefabricated accessories for roofing.  Individual roof lights for plastics” (testing for EC marking according to EN 1873).
  • Thermal and visual comfort of i nternal and external blinds according to EN 14501.
  • Thermal and visual comfort of netting and metal materials.
  • Colour and colour difference of coloured surfaces (e.g. paints) according to EN 14501.
  • Paints for tanks (evaluation of requirements of European Directive 94/63 regarding the control of airborne organic compost emissions derived from petrol deposits and their distribution from petrol stationgarage terminals.
  • Solar Reflection Index (SRI) (for LEED certification) of outside flooring materials and flat coverings)
  • Hemispheric emission measurement according to ASTM C 1371.
  •  Normal emission measurement of specular samples (e.g. coating on glazing) according to EN 12898.
On-site testing:
  • Verification of road lighting equipment (UNI 11248).
  • Measurement of the light factor during daylight hours.
  • Lighting engineering surveys for verification of illumination levels in the workplace.
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