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Istituto Giordano has been approved as a Registered Test Laboratory by the United Arab Emirates Ministries of Defence and the Interior.

The prospect of doing business in the Gulf States is become increasingly attractive to Italian companies, thanks to one of the world’s liveliest property markets and the opportunities arising from Expo 2020, to be held in Dubai.
To gain access to these markets, your product needs to be tested and certified by an independent body approved by the UAE Civil Defence (such as Istituto Giordano).

The approval obtained and the international agreements that our Institute has signed with approved Certification Bodies allows us to assist businesses in both testing by our accredited laboratories and obtaining the Certificate of Conformity needed to export regulated products.

To learn which products are accepted, download the pdf  

Please see the Fire Reaction and Resistance pages for information on the recognitions and accreditations received by our laboratories.

United Arab Emirates and Middle East: CERTIFICATION

Istituto Giordano has also signed a collaboration with an important Dubai Certification Body: Thomas Bell-Wright.
Thanks to this agreement, our Institute has been qualified as an Inspection Body and will be able to carry out all the sampling and inspection activities on behalf of TBW.

Placing your trust in Istituto Giordano means enjoying the benefits of an Italian one stop shop whose skills and approvals enable it to provide businesses with advance information on the requirements and regulations needed to export to these States.
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