Use of Istituto Giordano Trademark

Costumers who have realized an activity test in our laboratories and would like to use Istituto Giordano trademark, or companies, that collaborate with Istituto for some activities and they want to promote them, they have to fill out the following authorization request and send it to

Costumers who have instead enjoyed of Certification services, they will receive their specific logo at the end of activities, directly from the reference section.


Brandassets: our brand identity elements 


The Istituto Giordano trademark has the desire of growth and it is based on our edifying values. It is inspired by the modern iconography of the atom and emphasizes dynamism and speed, given by the movement of electrons that orbiting around the nucleus form the “G” of Giordano. 


The Logo has to be used in its interpretation without pay off whenever its legibility results difficult. It is usually under 2 cm.


Pictogram is a symbol, which is immediately attributable to the trademark.
Our logo is composed of a pictogram, which can be used without the entourage of “IstitutoGiordano” words.


At the base of the visual identity, there is the use, for the printing, of institutional colours in Pantone.
In cases of it isn’t possible to use them, the trademark can be reproduced with the equivalent colours in four-colour printing, according to the underindicated percentages.
In the table are indicated: Pantone colour code and the corresponding values in four-colour printing, in RGB and HEX.
When the trademark is reproduced with differents processes by the printing, it is necessary to convert colours to the equivalent colour code.


Our font is the Dumbar Low. Sophisticated, professional and modern.
We recommend you to apply it in uppercase, but it is possible to use it even in lowercase to harmonize the communication.
The main font is Dumbar Low Bold and the secondary is the same version of the font in book variation.


Respect area of Istituto Giordano logo is necessary to give to logo the maxim relevance and visibility in every kind of application.
It is calculated using the “G” letter situated inside of the symbol and it is measured by placing this bulk on each side of the rectangle.


Below we show the minimum size , that the logo and the pictogram of “G” can reach, with and without payoff.

Minimum area allowed with payoff                                                            Pictogram “G” alone

            45 x 11 mm - 230x58/72 px                                                           11 mm - 30/72 px                             

Minimum area allowed without payoff

    30x7,5 mm - 170x40/72 px



The pictogram and the logo with or without payoff have to be adapted based on supports in that will be used. Here are some examples of possible or incorrect applications.