ACCREDIA (LAB N°0021) accredited laboratory, ACCREDIA (LAB N°0021) accredited tests
Davide Ciregia

Davide Ciregia
Tel. 0541 322.288


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology laboratory

This laboratory carries out testing on principal plant components and mechanical/physical system components (radiators, fireplaces, water and gas valves, piping, connectors, collectors, air conditioning plant parts etc.) used to maximise temperature, humidity and ventilation systems for the health, hygiene and comfort of people inside closed environments.

The following appliances and equipment are tested: radiators, fireplaces, water and gas valves, pipes, fittings, manifolds, parts of air conditioning systems, etc..
Main Activities:
Testing on valves and piping:
  • Determination of the characteristic capacity/leak of charge of water valves and determination of KV coefficient
  • Check exercise field of pressure and temperature
  • Tests on valves according to UNI EN 331, UNI EN 13828, UNI EN 12266-1, UNI EN 1074 regulations
  • Tests on piping and fittings according to UNI EN ISO 21003, UNI TS 11344, UNI EN 1254 regulations
  • Solid fuel heating boilers (UNI EN 303-5)
Testing of bathroom fixtures and fittings:
  • Washbasin (UNI EN 14688)
  • W.c. (UNI EN 997)
  • Bidet (UNI EN 14528)
  • Notified Body for initial type testing for CE Marking on:
  • inset stoves and open fireplaces fired by solid fuels (UNI EN 13229),
  • solid fuel stoves (UNI EN 13240)
  • residential space heating appliances and boilers fired by wood pellets (UNI EN 14785)
  • solid fuel burning residential cookers (UNI EN 12815)
  • residential independent boilers fired by solid fuel (UNI EN 12809)
  • slow heat release appliances fired by solid fuel  (UNI EN 15250)
  • Dust measurement in flowing gases on solid fuel burning appliances (EN 13284-1, art. 15A B-VG, BImSchV).
  • Testing on radiators and convectors (UNI EN 442)
  • Classification of dampers and valve leakage (UNI EN 1751).
  • Performance testing of exhaust and supply air terminal devices for residential ventilation (UNI EN 13141).
  • Fatigue tests on heat exchangers (UNI EN 378, UL 207).
  • Pressure pulse testing on ducts and industrial components (plants, collectors, automotive, components, etc.)
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Conditioning in climatic chamber.
  • Thermagraphic analysis.
  • Components for fixed fire fighting systems (hose reels, fire hose cabinets with extinguisher part and flexible hose, fire hydrants, fire tuck coupling attachments., tests subjected to CE marking according to the regulations of UNI EN 671 series.
  • Special testing according to Customer specifications.
Main equipment 
  • Thermostatic chamber realized according to UNI EN 442 regulation for heating bodies tests
  • Test system for solid fuel heat generators that can test thermo stoves, thermo fireplaces, boilers, thermo cookers, pellet stoves and boiler rooms according to European harmonized regulations and other European regulations
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