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Giuseppe Arcaro

Giuseppe Arcaro
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EMC Testing: Electromagnetic Compatibility Test

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory performs EMC testingmeasurements of electrical and electronic equipment in order to assess EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) pursuant to the standards referred to by Directive 2014/30/EU.
The Laboratory performs pre-compliance EMC testing in accordance with harmonised European standards of appliances used in residential, commercial and light industrial environments, industrial, scientific and medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, household appliances.

EMC Testing Main activities:

  • simulation and evaluation of the electromagnetic field induced by existing and planned grids of electrodes and substations;
  • field measurements and predictions for GSM-UMTS base transceiver stations;
  • problems regarding the electromagnetic emissions of industrial machinery, offering, where necessary, technological solutions and materials to reduce them;
  • electromagnetic-field measurement and generation for EMI emission/immunity testing at Customer premises of machinery, even if very large;
  • the department performs electromagnetic-compatibility and low-voltage testing as a notified laboratory in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU (MID);
  • electrical safety testing of high security locks to be fitted to safes in accordance with EN 1300;
  • determination of the  electrical vertical resistance, resistance to earth and  surface resistance of  resilient, laminate and modular multilayer floor  covering  according to the UNI EN 1081 standard.
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