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Istituto Giordano Founder
Vito Lorenzo Giordano (1936-2005)    

1959. In Bellaria was born the “ Design studio for central heating systems “ , the first seed of what it would become, some decades later, Istituto Giordano.

60’s. After having reached a fair diffusion throughout the country for the design activity of technological systems, the first laboratory was born that acted as an auxiliary entity to provide for the absolute lack of data provided by manufacturers of machines and equipment. Also in those years the “Giordano” design studio specialized in a heating system called “monotube”, to the point of making numerous innovations and designing and building thousands and thousands of systems. The name of Giordano studio became important and famous throughout Italy.

70’s. Very demanding project are started: industrial technological steam and superheated water systems were designed and realized by the hundreds all over Italy. The data obtained in the laboratory interested producers more and more, until the day when it ended up operating almost mainly on their request, to the point that the laboratory activity prevailed over all the others. This was soon joined by the design of components for systems and the beginning of the first experiences of research projects for the optimization of performance in thermotechnics and hydraulics sectors. The plan design activity was initially reduced, then suppressed, to give space to the new emerging identity of the “Giordano” company as a Laboratory for the characterization and testing of industrial products in the hydraulic and thermotechnical sectors. This period was characterized by the continuous growth of technical disciplines that were introduced, to be faced with scarce instrumental means, lack of space and a high number of staff.

1979. The new headquarters of Bellaria inaugurates in Rossini Street (current position). Istituto Giordano begin to assume more and more the current structure, that is a Polytechnic Centre of Technologic Research with European dimensions.

80’s. Laboratories of constructions Science, Acoustics, Security & Safety, Chemistry, Fire Resistance and Fire Reaction come alive and take shape.

90’s. The development of Istituto activities continues constantly and next to already present laboratories there are: special Fittings , Metrology , Wood Technology , Metallurgy and Nautic.

2000. Starts the China project. After many years of study, Istituto Giordano managed to occupy in Shangai with a representation office with Chinese staff learned in Italy to make activities tied to the commercialization in Europe of chinese products and the necessary CE marking.

2011. Inaugurates the new Experimental Centre for Constructions

The project and the will to realize the new “experimental Centre for constructions” was born in the head of Vito Lorenzo Giordano founder, already different years earlier, when he was looking at the future he realized that the market required a significant growth effort.

Works that began in 2007 and ended in 2010 have made operative more than 60.000 cubic meter of laboratories, that were inaugurated on 13 May 2011.
This project confirms Istituto Giordano as a leader on national field and in IV place in Europe as an experimental complex dedicated to constructions and building: for the acquired experience, specific investments, covered areas, test fields, number of employees, number of customers and turnover.

The Experimental Centre was born with the aim of further expanding the service already offered in the field of product certification and testing.                                                                                          Countertrend with the period, characterized for the building world by a deep crisis, they wanted to invest in their future, focusing mainly on innovation and technology. This was possible thanks to a considerable economic effort and above all to the society solidity, whose foundations are besed on over 50 years of history.

2019. We celebrate our 60 years of activity

With gala dinner, organized for all our workers and collaborators, a year reach of initiatives ended. We have celebrated the 60 years of activity goal, remembering the road made and renewing the will to continue to follow it with enthusiasm. A night where the sense of belonging and sharing of common goals were pleasantly mixed with energy and the desire to celebrate together.

2020. Our new brand identity. Strong in experience, directed towards the future!
The evolution is the engine that moves the world and pushes us to innovation and progress.
For this reason we constantly invest in research and new forms of certification to support you with the right means in your professional future.

By embracing this desire of growth and building on our values, we wanted to give a new face to our brand identity.

The concept behind this evolution is to raise the brand’s sense of reliability, which has always looked beyond certification, because there is much more:
  •     There is our willingness to solve your problems
  •     There is experience and specialization in various areas of work
  •     There is enhancement of people in their professional growth
  •     There is the strength of a large group which, with certifications of excellence, contributes to achieving important goals.
Strengthened by these values and directed towards the future, the new image is inspired by the modern iconography of the atom and emphasizes dynamism and speed, given by the movement of electrons that orbit around the nucleus and form Giordano’s “G”, which is positioned as a pole and an important point of reference.                                                                                                             In this way, further value is given to our cornerstones, based on constancy in research, the multidisciplinary nature of the laboratories and the centrality of the single body.

Colours, which evoke a sense of professionality, safety and technology, include all the shades from light blue to blue, maintaining a line of continuity with the previous logo.

Precisely because of the evolution never stops, for the purpose of preparing us to challenges of tomorrow, we always look beyond! 
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