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Chemical Analysis Lab

chemical analysis lab

Chemical Analysis Lab

Boasting state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled graduate staff, the chemical Analysis lab, of our Chemical Analysis department, guarantees reliability and repeatability of results, as well original solutions to intricate problems.

Testing is performed in strict compliance with the test methods recommended by the major national and international standards bodies: UNI, UNICHIM, ASTM, ISO, DIN etc.

The chemical analysis laboratory has obtained ACCREDIA accreditation.

Chemical analysis lab: Chemistry of materials

In our Chemical analysis lab Analyzes and characterizations are carried out on all types of materials, especially those subject to CE marking following Regulation (EU) 305/2011 (CPR).
Another important sector of Istituto Giordano’s Chemical analysis lab is the section  wich study the life cycle by accelerated aging in WEATHEROMETER, in a salt mist chamber, in a KESTERNICH chamber (Resistance to wet atmospheres containing sulfur dioxide), in a humidostatic and UV-condensate chamber

Chemical analysis lab: Environmental Chemistry

In our certificated chemical analysis lab we handle the issues related to environmental pollution related to different areas (water analysis, atmospheric emissions, waste, assessment of the healthiness of work environments, etc.).

Find out in the dedicated section all the types of environmental chemical analyzes that Istituto Giordano provides in its chemical analysis lab by clicking on the in-depth box below.

Chemical Analysis Lab: Our test typologies

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