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New wind generator with 4-metre propeller

(Pubbl. 01/09/2020)
We have a new test rig!
Having designed and constructed the first wind generator in 2017, we have now built a new rig even bigger than the previous one and capable of simulating even severer weather conditions.
Our engineers have constructed this rig in the Security & Safety laboratory in accordance with American standard AAMA 501-1 and UK CWCT standards;  it is the only one in Italy.
The new generator comprises a three-blade aeroplane propeller of diameter 4 m capable of creating wind speeds exceeding 120 km/h.
Performed with the backing of Accredia ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, the test is used to assess the watertightness of curtain walling under strong pulsating wind conditions.

Photos taken whilst testing a Focchi Group curtain wall

Whilst this issue is fairly new to Italy, in America and Great Britain, AAMA 501.1 is a compulsory test standard dictated by the need to use ever-sturdier products capable of protecting buildings from the heavy storms typical of those areas.
Istituto Giordano provides added value to the range of equipment used for the windows and doors sector, establishing itself as one of the sector’s leading bodies and laboratories.
From certification and accredited qualifications to recognition and authorisation in order to make the most of products and professional skills.

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