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Pre shipment inspection for imports

Pre shipment inspection

The pre shipment inspection are necessaries for companies which importing products from China, require increasingly greater control over their suppliers’ production processes.

Through its representative office in Shanghai with CPR, MD, PED Qualified Inspectors (who live in China), Istituto Giordano offers a range of checking/monitoring/audit/control services at suppliers’ manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.

Furthermore, the Italian liaison office for China offers importers and distributors of products originating from outside the European Union a support service with regard to statutory legislation.

We offer the following Pre-Shipment Inspections:

  • Checking correct performance of activities requested by Customer to keep the production process under control. For example: checking that the Chinese manufacturer conducts tests both during manufacturing and on the finished product in accordance with Customer instructions;
  • Pre-shipment inspections to check that goods loaded into containers meet Customer specifications. The Customer specifies the percentage of crates to be checked (on the basis of ISO sampling standards or its own requirements) and Istituto Giordano S.p.A. issues a report containing the number and type of nonconformities. The Customer can use this document to decide whether or not to accept the shipment or to request a discount according to the number of nonconformities detected;
  • Verification of proper performance and completion of FPC (factory production control) testing and ITT (initial type testing) for purposes of CE marking of construction products. This activity is needed when the Customer imports and markets under its own name construction products for which CE marking is mandatory;
  • Assistance with and management of ITT of construction products for which CE marking is mandatory;
  • Taking and sealing of samples to be tested at our Italian laboratories or in Chinese laboratories (CNAS accredited).
Examples of activities performed by Istituto Giordano S.p.A. on behalf of European businesses:
  • Pre-shipment inspections of solar panels, glass panels, beach umbrellas and loungers;
  • Verification of proper performance of FPC tests on wood flooring (EN 14342) at various Chinese manufacturing facilities;
  • Assistance with and management of initial type testing (ITT) for ceramic tiles (EN 14411) and wood flooring;
  • Taking of motorcycle wheel samples from the Chinese manufacturer’s premises in order to analyse chemical composition at our laboratories in Italy.
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