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New XXL temperature and humidity chamber for conditioning and heat stress tests

(Pubbl. 15/02/2022)
Our specialist engineers have designed and constructed a new state-of-the-art temperature and humidity chamber at our laboratory in Bellaria. Its size and specifications make it one of the finest in the country and it is designed for conditioning and heat stress testing linked to climate change of various product types from a range of sectors.

The temperature and humidity chamber can subject samples to thermal conditioning cycles with temperatures capable of fluctuating between -40°C and +70°C and also lets you control the various humidity percentages.
Sample wetting and radiation cycles in order to simulate weathering are also available.
Thanks to the accurate planning, designed to facilitate the entry of large objects, we have created the plan without stumbling compared to the laboratory ground plan.

This means it can test products for specific sectors such as:
  • Transport (e.g. railways, cableways, cars, underground railways, lorries, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, control cabinets, etc.)
  • Industrial (e.g. automated and non-automated windows and doors, curtain walls, variable message traffic signs, road traffic signal systems, speed cameras, etc.)
  • Avionics and military (e.g. weapons components, tracking systems, laser control, etc.)
  • Medical (e.g. operating theatre equipment, disinfection and ventilation systems, drug and organ transport equipment, etc.)
  • Food (e.g. transport packaging, environmental monitoring, etc.)
Some specific technical specifications:
Internal walking surface4280 mm × 6425 mm = 27,5 m2
Internal height4300 mm except for under the evaporator where it is 2500 mm
Volume capacity118 m3
Entry door3000 × 3000 mm
Load capacity2500 kg/m2

Compressor modelDorin 2S-H1500
Cooling capacity at -30°C20 kW, 17208 kcal/h
Heating capacity20 kW 17208 kcal/h

Finally, you can test composites with different thermal expansion coefficients in order to assess global behaviour and prevent the occurrence of cracking due to relative movement of individual layers.

Therefore it's extremely useful during acceptance testing in order to have more certain guarantees about the product.


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