Demetrio Ronchi

Demetrio Ronchi
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Information Technology

The Information Technology and Data Communications section is a focal point for all other sections within the Institute. Indeed, besides being involved in the development of innovative IT applications, it is responsible for managing the entire in-house IT network.

Istituto Giordano is an Accredited Inspection Body recognised by the State Monopoly Agency for the validation and certification of the Online Skill-Based Gaming System platform and these duties are also assigned to the IT division.

It is also a structure for application management, analysis, support and development and hardware and software management and maintenance; maintenance of IT equipment and the corporate network; centralised backup centre and data recovery centre.

The Information Technology and Data Communications section also includes the special IT Controlling and Security service. Finally, it runs the Internal Database Administration Service that verifies the data stored in the system, updates user accounts, drafts manuals and trains system users.

  • Hardware and Software Maintenance and Management
  • Office Automation
  • Validation and certification of Online Skill-Based Gaming System platforms
  • Innovative-system management and development (such as biometric verification)
  • Software Testing and Validation
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Recovery
  • IT Data Protection and Security (including drafting and management of the information security policy and creation of secure ICT systems)
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