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Attività Multidisciplinari
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Guided Transport Systems (STGV) and infrastructures

Railway, Underground Railway, Light Rail, Fast Tramway and Tramway

Transport Infrastructures

The term Guided Transport Systems refers to: railways, underground, tramways, etc.

Our Institute has worked in this sector for many years, and our highlyskilled experts provide technical support and testing to businesses in various sections of the industry.

The test machines, equipment and instruments in our laboratories are continually updated, checked and calibrated, and conduct tests required by current standards and by the main technical specifications of industry operators.

Our Institute is the 1st Italian ACCREDIA-accredited Body for the tests described by the UNI EN 16272 series of acoustical-performance standards regarding sound insulation and absorption in the laboratory.

The main activities carried out in our laboratories include:
Rolling stock side windows, windscreens and similar products - Trenitalia technical specification No. 306931
- NF F 31-129
- NF F 31-250
- NF F 31-314
- GM/RT 2100
- Shatter and impact resistance
- Mechanical strength
- Scratch resistance
- Luminous characteristics
- Glass/sealant adhesion
- Penetration index and gas leakage
- Determination of window natural resonance frequency
- Fatigue test
- Determination of opening and closing force
- Pressure pulse testing
- Resistance to temperature changes and
water tightness testing
Rolling stock soundproofing and thermal insulation products -Trenitalia technical specification No. 306476
 -Verification of physical and mechanical requirements (density, water resistance, compression, impact resistance, ...)
- Verification of the durability requirements (accelerated aging, resistance to vibrations)
- Verification of the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation (conductance, thermal conductivity, sound absorption)
-Fire behaviour requirements
Rolling stock interior coverings and furnishings -Trenitalia technical specification No. 308484 - CEI EN 60529 - Compression deflection test
- Impact resistance test
- Cleanability test
- IP (ingress protection) rating
Fairing panel braces- AnsaldoBreda AA070Z0 specification
- UNI EN ISO 9142
- UNI EN 1465
- Static resistance of joints
- Fatigue resistance of joints
- Accelerated ageing
Qualification of coating used for rolling stock- Ansaldo Breda Action instruction AQU/IO/050
- Trenitalia technical specification No. 373947
- UNI EN ISO 2409
- UNI EN ISO 2815
- UNI EN ISO 9227
- UNI EN ISO 6270
- ASTM D3363
- ASTM D4060
-Physical and mechanical testing (thickness, adhesion, elasticity, scratches, hardness, impact, abrasion, anti-graffiti)
-Resistance to chemical products
- Gloss, color
- Salt-spray corrosion resistance
- Accelerated/artificial weathering
- Weathering in a temperature/humidity cabinet
Railway noise barriersRFI Technical Regulations
- UNI 6065
- UNI ISO 1431/1
- UNI ISO 815
ACCREDIA accreditation
-UNI EN 16272-1
-UNI EN 16272-2
-UNI EN 16272-3
RFI type approval tests:
- Fatigue testing of barrier sections
- Measurement of sound reduction index and
sound absorption coefficient (ACCREDIA accreditation)
- Testing of panel constituent materials (tensile
strength, polymer analysis, FTIR, hardness, compression,
Signaling systems- RFI Specification 032 A
- UNI EN ISO 4892-2
- UNI EN ISO 9227
- Bending, torsion, impact and wind resistance.
- Weather resistance
- Optical properties
Sectional control board- RFI specifications
- CEI EN 61439-1
- CEI EN 50121-5
- CEI EN 60529
- Electromagnetic compatibility testing (emission, immunity)
- Verification of electrical safety (dielectric strength, insulation, short-circuit resistance, etc.)
- Mechanical and thermal testing
- Positive and negative pressure testing
- IP (ingress protection) rating
Overhead contact lines
(insulators for overhead lines and insulating synthetic rope assemblies for support of overhead contact lines)
- CEI EN 61109
- CEI EN 62217
- CEI 79826
- CEI EN 50345
- CEI EN 60695
- Dimension tests
- Load and tightness tests
- Dye penetrant test
- Impact test
- Mechanical load-time test

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