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Labinsight concludes with the Fire Resistance Lab

The fire resistance laboratory concludes the Labinsight, which has accompanied us over the last year: a trip inside the laboratories of Istituto Giordano, read the last article.

LABINSIGHT: Wood Technology Laboratory

Our wood testing laboratory was established in 2003 and handles various operations related to the identification of the chemical-physical properties of the wood raw mater

Labinsight: the metallurgy laboratory

The Metallurgy laboratory deals with the study of the chemical, physical and technological characteristics of metal alloys. To find out more about the section, we asked the manager, Paolo Orioli, for details.

Labinsight: Building Science Laboratory

The Department of Construction Science is one of the 'oldest'. The main activities of the Institute are laboratory tests and site investigations for civil engineering and geotechnical road construction.

Labinsight: Heat Transfer - Calculations Laboratory

The October edition of Labinsight looks at the Heat Transfer - Calculations Laboratory, this department deals mainly with thermal characterisation of building envelope elements and studying the hygrothermal performance of facade elements, see the article for full details ...

Labinsight: materials chemistry and environmental chemistry

The September edition of Labinsight features the Chemical Laboratory. Founded about thirty years ago, it has continued to expand over time and offers a range of services performed with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment. Full details are provided in our article.

Labinsight looks at the Thermodynamics Lab

The Thermodynamics Lab was the first section to be established at Istituto Giordano. In this Labinsight article we asked section manager, Eugenio Berlini, to tell us about the laboratory in a little more detail.

CE Marking: performance and safety requirements of external blinds and shutters (EN 13659)

Product standards UNI EN 13561:2015 and UNI EN 13659:2015 define the essential requirements of safety that have to be satisfied by external blinds and shutters installed in buildings.

Our Metrology Laboratory is the new stage on the Labinsight tour

We will stop by the Metrology lab this month, and our guide will be Pierluigi Latte, whom we asked a few questions, read the interview!

Thermal and visual comfort : tests on sun protection devices according to EN 14501

The Optics Laboratory of IG has the necessary means and skills to quantify the effect of influence of sunscreens these shields according to the most up-to-date standards.

Discovering the Special Equipment laboratory

The Special Equipment laboratory is the protagonist of the new stage of our Labinsight...

Test SRI

Istituto Giordano makes the SRI test for the purposes of the obtaining of LEED credit. How does it work this certification? Which are the parameters that are considered for the final score? How is the SRI calculated?


A new appointment with Labinsight in the Safety lab

We will stop by the Safety lab this month, and our guide will be Dott. Andrea Bruschi, whom we asked a few questions, read the interview!

The safety of playground surfacing with standard UNI EN 1177

UNI EN 1177:2019 provides a method to assess the effectiveness of impact attenuating playground surfacing.
The Istituto Giordano Security and Safety Department can carry out the test in accordance with this standard.

Labinsight stops off in L'Aquila at the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Labinsight’s sixth stage brings us to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory in L’Aquila. Manager Alfredo Bonfiglio will talk to us about the laboratory.

Optics Lab, discover the new Labinsight stop

With the fifth stop of the Labinsight series, we enter the Optics laboratory located in the new headquarters in Gatteo.

Wind load resistance standard for market umbrellas

External blinds and shutters must obtain CE marking, but do market umbrellas belong to this category?

LABINSIGHT: discovering Security's laboratory

The fourth stop in Labinsight took us to the Security laboratory, where we witnessed tests requiring great physical strength and skill.

LABINSIGHT: getting to know the Fire Reaction Laboratory

Dr. Giambattista Traina, director of the Fire Reaction section of the Giordano Institute, tells us about the execution of the tests and the instruments in his laboratory


LABINSIGHT: exploring the Low Voltage Laboratory

Dr. Giuseppe Arcaro, technical manager of the Low Voltage section of Istituto Giordano, tells us the execution of tests and tools of his laboratory.

LABINSIGHT: a glimpse inside the Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory

We tall with Dr. Andrea Cucchi, head of the section, who illustrates the tests and equipment that engage him every day together with his staff.

Test in order to verify if an installed flooring is antistatic or not

The purpose of tests is to evaluate the capacity of the flooring to dissolve the electrostatic charge, which is created during the normal working activities, and in particular situations could represent a possible origin of fire or explosions.

CWCT Testing

In our Security & Safety Laboratory we perform numerous tests based on standards published by the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology), founded in 1989 and now supported by more than 350 member companies drawn from the field of building envelopes and glazing, a sector for which it organises courses and publishes technical standards and guidance.

ISO 16932:2020 “Glass in building — Destructive windstorm-resistant security glazing — Test and classification

Istituto Giordano is an internationally-recognised laboratory capable of performing a complete test to determine the resistance to impact caused by windborne debris during a destructive windstorm and at the same time the resistance to cycles of strong positive and negative pressure caused by gusts of wind.