The electrostatic discharge consists of release of static electricity when two bodies with different electrostatic potentials , place near or come into contact each other.

Electrostatic discharges have to be necessarily keep under control in order to prevent shock to personnel, problems to electronic components and create possible ignition sources for fires or explosion.

As a problem solution of electrostatic discharges, it  is necessary to avoid that bodies charge and/or protect devices with specific structures.

Istituto Giordano can do laboratory tests and offer services in site in order to demonstrate that products/systems are adequately protected by electrostatic discharges.

  • Characterization of coverings for flooring and placed floors; determination of electric resistance point to point, towards the ground and vertically according to IEC 61340-4-1 regulation;
  • Antistatic tests on resilient floors according to UNI EN 1815 regulation;
  • Determination of electric resistance and surface and volume resistivity of solid materials according to IEC 61340-2-3, IEC 62631-3-1, IEC 62631-3-2,….
  • Determination of electric resistance of footwear (shoes, slippers, ankle boots), used in the electrostatic potential control on people according to IEC 61340-4-3 regulation;
  • Characterization of electrostatic protection of combination of floorings and footwear worn by an operator according to IEC 61340-4-5. 
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