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Labinsight concludes with the Fire Resistance Lab

The fire resistance laboratory concludes the Labinsight, which has accompanied us over the last year: a trip inside the laboratories of Istituto Giordano, read the last article.

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LABINSIGHT: Wood Technology Laboratory

Our wood testing laboratory was established in 2003 and handles various operations related to the identification of the chemical-physical properties of the wood raw mater

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Labinsight: the metallurgy laboratory

The Metallurgy laboratory deals with the study of the chemical, physical and technological characteristics of metal alloys. To find out more about the section, we asked the manager, Paolo Orioli, for details.

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Labinsight: Building Science Laboratory

The Department of Construction Science is one of the 'oldest'. The main activities of the Institute are laboratory tests and site investigations for civil engineering and geotechnical road construction.

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LABINSIGHT: a glimpse inside the Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory

We tall with Dr. Andrea Cucchi, head of the section, who illustrates the tests and equipment that engage him every day together with his staff.

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Labinsight: materials chemistry and environmental chemistry

The September edition of Labinsight features the Chemical Laboratory. Founded about thirty years ago, it has continued to expand over time and offers a range of services performed with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment. Full details are provided in our article.

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CE Marking: performance and safety requirements of external blinds and shutters (EN 13659)

Product standards UNI EN 13561:2015 and UNI EN 13659:2015 define the essential requirements of safety that have to be satisfied by external blinds and shutters installed in buildings.

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Thermal and visual comfort : tests on sun protection devices according to EN 14501

The Optics Laboratory of IG has the necessary means and skills to quantify the effect of influence of sunscreens these shields according to the most up-to-date standards.

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Labinsight: Heat Transfer - Calculations Laboratory

The October edition of Labinsight looks at the Heat Transfer - Calculations Laboratory, this department deals mainly with thermal characterisation of building envelope elements and studying the hygrothermal performance of facade elements, see the article for full details ...

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Optics Lab, discover the new Labinsight stop

With the fifth stop of the Labinsight series, we enter the Optics laboratory located in the new headquarters in Gatteo.

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Wind load resistance standard for market umbrellas

External blinds and shutters must obtain CE marking, but do market umbrellas belong to this category?

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The Florida Building Code

In the 1990s, the state of Florida was hit by a series of extremely violent hurricanes that caused enormous damage to homes and a sizeable death toll. It was therefore decided to establish the Florida Building Code, a set of standards designed by the US state of Florida to ensure that buildings are resistant to the hurricanes and tornadoes that frequently occur in this area.

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Railway pantograph fatigue test

The test sample comprises a fully-assembled railway pantograph, complete with all electrical and mechanical components, installed on the supporting structure used when in service. The purpose of the test is to assess the fatigue behaviour of the upper-arm welds and note any other phenomenon caused by fatigue during testing.

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Giuseppe Persano Adorno at the “Machinery Directive AdCo.” meeting

Last October 4th and 5th, Persano Adorno Giuseppe, our Technical Director – as President of the European Coordination Group of Notified Bodies for the Machinery Directive (CNB-M) – participated in Castelldefels (Spain) at the meeting of the “Machinery Directive AdCo (Administrative Cooperation in Market Surveillance)”, constituted by the Market Surveillance Authorities of the Member States of the European Union and EFTA.

During the meeting he presented the activities carried out by the CNB-M, which materialize in the adoption of the so-called "Recommendations for Use (RfU)", aimed at standardizing the operating methods of the individual Notified Bodies.