Institutional visit by the Minister of University and Research | Istituto Giordano

Institutional visit by the Minister of University and Research

(Pubbl. 21/05/2024)

On Friday, May 17, we had the pleasure of hosting the Minister of University and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, accompanied by the Mayor of Bellaria Igea Marina, Filippo Giorgetti.

On this occasion, our CEOs Sara Lorenza Giordano and Nazario Giordano had the opportunity to present the company's identity and the evolution it has undergone in over 65 years of history, including an interesting visit to some testing laboratories.

Istituto Giordano managed to pique the guests' interest by showcasing the numerous testing and certification activities that distinguish it, spanning from the world of construction to transportation, and more.

Among the topics discussed, particular emphasis was placed on applied research, which has been part of our DNA since the beginning, as we are one of the first private entities recognized by the former MIUR in Italy and are now also accredited by the High Technology Network of E.R.

The importance of collaboration between universities and companies for the training of future researchers was highlighted, and a greater interaction between these entities was hoped for, as they are often close but do not always communicate, and together can contribute to the country's development.

Our company has always supported universities with internships, training, and research projects, and once again enthusiastically welcomed the collaboration opportunities proposed by the Minister.