Test in order to verify if an installed flooring is antistatic or not

(Pubbl. 18/05/2022)
The technics of our laboratory of Low Voltage, have been to Pordenone in order to realize a test on an installed flooring on the auto workshop/shopfloor site of the ATAP society. (public transport Company).

The tests have the aim of verifying with instruments the values of flooring electric resistance.                                                                                                                                                                         
The purpose of tests is to evaluate the capacity of the flooring to dissolve the electrostatic charge, which is created during the normal working activities, and in particular situations could represent a possible origin of fire or explosions.

Executed tests:
  • Determination of surface and ground resistance in compliance with UNI EN 1081 regulation
  • Determination of point-point resistance in compliance with CEI EN 60340-4-1 regulation.
For surveys we have used a precision resistance indicator and a couple of electrodes ( cylindrical and three-feet electrodes in compliance with UNI EN 1081 and CEI EN 60340-4-1 regulations).

Istituto Giordano laboratory works for the entire activity of trial and testing regarding the regulations about the “Low Voltage” Directive.

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