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Demetrio Ronchi

Demetrio Ronchi
Tel. 0541 322.203
E-mail d.ronchi@giordano.it


Our Electronics Division delivers complete solutions for measurement and testing systems and industrial electronics both for in-house use and at the Customer’s request.

It designs and builds prototypes for electronic systems, including with PLC and microcontroller. All work is done in-house.

Besides managing the company’s computer system, the internal IT department is also involved in software development and management, especially for the data acquisition sector.

The Division specialises in high-precision control systems as required by product standards.

  • Prototype of an automotive head-up display
  • Data acquisition from moving refrigerated vehicles
  • Static and dynamic vehicle monitoring
  • Guarded-end pipe for measuring radial thermal conductivity
  • District heating plant monitoring
  • Gamma ray system for detecting defects in mine shafts
  • Laboratory for fire behaviour characterisation of materials made from cork
  • Stress and acceptance test system for plastic piping
  • Automatic control of a heating-appliance test chamber
  • Automatic-arm apparatus for testing and measuring door closers
  • Test rig for air permeability measurement of windows, doors and curtain walling
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