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Francesco Dall'Acqua

Francesco Dall'Acqua
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Test machines and equipment

This Division specialises in the design and construction of test rigs and equipment and the setting up and performance of special hi-tech, highly-innovative tests.

These services are provided in conformity to national and international standards or specific customer requirements.
•    machinery and equipment for test and research laboratories
•    special machines for technology laboratories
•    process and production control machines
•    functional test rigs
•    reliability and durability test machines
•    portable rig for tightness tests (same as 8 on page 7 but without the AAMA 501.1 rig)
•    hail resistance test rig complying with UNI 10890
•    test rigs and equipment for type approval of rolling stock windows in conformity to UIC 566, UNI EN 15152, GM/RT 2100, NF F 01-492
•    rig for cyclic pressure testing of railway tunnel equipment in conformity to RFI specifications
•    climate chambers with programmable temperature and humidity cycles
•    IP test rigs and equipment

Equipment and tests incorporate data acquisition, transmission and logging systems with standard or customised management software designed to satisfy individual customer requirements or the specific nature of the test.