Labinsight looks at the Thermodynamics Lab | Istituto Giordano

Labinsight looks at the Thermodynamics Lab

(Pubbl. 24/07/2023)
The Thermodynamics Lab was the first section to be established at Istituto Giordano; it was set up during the seventies to deal with the lack of data provided by manufacturers, relying on previous experience in designing heating systems.
More than half a century has passed and the laboratory is still operative, performing testing of components from the main control systems for: temperature, humidity and air exchange.

In this Labinsight article we asked section manager, Eugenio Berlini, to tell us about the laboratory in a little more detail.

Q. What are the main activities carried out in the laboratory?
A. Inside the laboratory we can perform tests specified by a host of standards. The fields of application range from components for refrigeration and automotive systems to fireplaces and boilers, as well as high or very high pressure components, finishing off with the tests on heating appliances (radiators) that we have been doing for many years.
Q. What equipment do you use to carry out these tests?
A. In addition to fairly complex test systems such as the test booth for radiators and the test system for solid fuel heating appliances (boilers and fireplaces), over time, we have purchased a lot of equipment and measuring instruments that we put together in order to be able to carry out the tests that our customers request. Examples of this equipment include: pumps with adjustable flow rate and head, flow-rate measuring systems, various temperature measuring systems, PLCs and data acquisition systems, fluid heaters and coolers.
Q. Do you have anything specific to tell us about?
A. We perform a lot of accredited tests, some of which, like for example radiator tests, have been continuously accredited since the early noughties, firstly by SINAL and then Accredia.

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