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Daniele Zecca
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Variable Message Signs

Quality Mark

The VMS Quality Mark Certification refers to the producers of Variable Message Signs who want to give to their products a higher visibility to the quality of their products all over the world.

Infact, in addition to the minimum requirements of the CE marking (EN 12966), it will be possible to highlight other services, such as:
  • Luminance
  • Luminance ratio
  • Beam width
  • Colour
  • LED current measurement
  • Impact test

Furthermore, in advance with respect to the mandatory CE marking, we will also carry out a conformity assessment in accordance with EN 12966:2015 standard.
  • Initial audit + surveillance audits (2 per year)*
  • initial (type) testing **
  • surveillance testing

*in case the company has a valid EN 12966-14 CPR-AVCP 1 valid certificate, only one additional surveillance audit is carried out per year
** it is not necessary to carry out additional initial tests if the Company is already certified accordining to EN 12966-1 CPR-AVCP 1
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