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Our reports and certificates have a new graphic design

(Pubbl. 21/01/2019)

To meet needs originating from various sources, we have redesigned the graphics of our test reports and certificates, making them simpler and more intuitive.

In particular, the changes aim to:
  • Respond to requests from customers, who wanted more commercially usable documents
  • Align with requirements of the standards (first and foremost UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Align with quality department provisions

The most interesting change for our customers is certainly the creation of a first sheet with all the highlights, as well as the results, so as to allow reproduction without the need to attach the whole test/certification document.

To simplify reading and make it easier, those parts of the document most suitable for this reproduction will be shown in table form (regulatory references, equipment, persons present at the test).

Some items currently on the first page have been moved to the right-hand side of the document (order, origin and acceptance, activity date and place) to leave more space for data ‘important’ to customers.

Finally, a symbol has been inserted (identifying each section at present) in preparation for the ‘Passport’ document that will be created at the customer’s request.

The ‘Passport’ is a summary commercial document containing summary technical data on the tests a product has undergone in one or more of our laboratories.

A list of the icons used to identify the laboratories follows:
AcousticLow Voltage
Electromagnetic CompatibilityChemistry
Smoke and heat exhaust ventilatorsEngineering
PEDOnline Gaming
Fire reactionFire resistance
Wood technologyThermodynamics
Heat TechnologyRecreational Craft and components