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Certification of highway gully tops and manhole tops

(Pubbl. 28/09/2017)

In Italy, there is a standard (UNI/TR 11671:2017) that recommends, pending CE marking of manhole covers in accordance with the CPR, certification of one’s products on a voluntary basis according to the EN 124:2015 series of standards.

The old standard for certification of these products, EN 124:1994, could be used only until March 2017.

Here are a few excerpts from Technical Report UNI/TR 11671:2017 "Highway gully tops and manhole tops - Advice on application of the EN 124:2015 series".

Clause 1 - Scope: «This technical report provides advice regarding application of UNI EN 124:2015 (refers to all parts from 1 to 6). It shall apply until the objections raised by the European Commission have been resolved and the harmonised parts of EN 124:2015 can be cited in the Official Journal of the European Union»

Clause 4.1 - General: «[...] it is recommended that [...] all characteristics regarding manhole covers, gratings and gullies specified by standard [...] be assessed on a voluntary basis by an accredited independent certification body.»

Clause 4.2 - Recommendations: «Manufacturers, importers and distributors are invited to switch to the new UNI EN 124:2015 (all parts) by 31st March 2017, applying voluntarily the new certification schemes for standard UNI EN 124 run by accredited independent certification bodies pursuant to standard UNI EN ISO 17065.»

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