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Emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials

(Pubbl. 28/07/2017)
Istituto Giordano participates in the European metrological research project EMIRIM-Improvement of emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials.
The project, which began on 1 June 2017 and will last three years, aims to improve emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials and is funded in the frame of EMPIR (European Metrology Program for Innovation and Research) program of EURAMET, the European Association of National Metrology Institutes.

The project will also improve the emissivity measurement of any coating or surface treatment used in buildings and this will lead to a better assessment of IR heat exchanges between the surfaces of a building and the surrounding environment (both internal and external).
Finally, it will be possible to evaluate the real IR reflection properties of materials used in buildings.

Reflective insulating materials help buildings to improve their energy efficiency. Manufacturers of these products must declare their surface emissivity, so that users can calculate energy savings in accordance with current EU directives. The different emissivity measurement techniques present great discrepancies in results and there is therefore an urgent need to improve the accuracy and repeatability of these measures to foster innovation and allow products with higher performance to demonstrate their additional benefits.

Responding to this need, the EMIRIM project will verify the current measurement techniques of hemispherical emissivity to understand their limitations and to reduce uncertainties, through the creation of reference samples and "best practices" in the calibration and measuring procedures that will allow a better traceability of measuring instruments available on the market today. The results will be used to propose changes to current EN 16012 and ISO 6946 standards. This will allow manufacturers of insulating materials to perform reliable emissivity measurements and to develop high quality products. These products will help to improve energy efficiency in buildings and will be applied in other fields such as aerospace, automotive, nuclear, etc.

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  • Istituto Giordano SpA (Italy)
  • ZAE Bayern (Germany)
  • FIW (Germany)
  • FhG Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany)
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