Glazed railings: ACCREDIA accreditation for UNI 11678 standard | Istituto Giordano

Glazed railings: ACCREDIA accreditation for UNI 11678 standard

(Pubbl. 24/05/2017)

We have recently obtained ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the testing of glazed railings in accordance with the new UNI 11678 standard “Glass in building . Glass infill panels serving as safety parapet – resistance to horizontal static linear load and dynamic load – Test methods”.
Our Security and Safety laboratory can perform all the tests required by the new standard.

The new standard UNI 11678 entitled “Glass infill panels serving as safety parapet-The test sequence described therein specifies design load testing and, like the French method, a proof load test. Maximum deflection limits are defined:100 mm during application of the load and 10 mm for permanent deformation.

Post-failure load resistance tests are also required for railings without handrail.
After calculating load resistance, impact testing is conducted using a semi-rigid impactor complying with the requirements of the “pendulum test” specified by UNI EN 12600.
For railings without handrail, a 1 kg hard body generating impact energy of 10 J is also specified.

The apparatus for the new standard includes a system for applying a uniformly distributed linear static load and a deflection measurement system capable of continuous deflection recording with a resolution of at least 0.1 mm.

For further details please contact Andrea Bruschi at 0541 322388.