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Orizon Training & Consulting, the new company of the Giordano Group

(Pubbl. 07/03/2022)
Orizon offers personal services in the field of :

 All the educational path (training) that are managed by Istituto Giordano, from today they will be in charge of ORIZON group, which is made up of highly specialized professional collaborators with a background of knowledge and skills acquired through direct experience in laboratories and at companies.

Training thematic areas range from licenses for professionals, to staff training, up to more specific courses like: management systems, standards and regulations and industry and steel.

Furthermore ORIZON, offers the planning and the realization of multidisciplinary consultancy services, by following and coordinating all the planning, from the identification of the reference standards, to the execution of tests laboratory, up to the standardization of production and the visit of the Certification Body.

Main areas in which it works:
  • Staff training and licenses for professionals
  • Assistance to product certification, CE Marking and preparation of the technical file (FPC)
  • Assistance to innovative construction product planning or to their improvement in terms of performance
  • Legal-Technical Assistance (CTP)
  • Adaptation and documentation arrangement URKA mark

ORIZON, in accordance with the governance model of Giordano group, it offers the right tools for the professional growth for people and the competitive development of companies and products.

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