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Paolo Ricci
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Thermal solar systems / Photovoltaic (pv) modules

This new laboratory carries out the characterisation of thermal solar collectors according to UNI EN 12975-1/2 and is accredited by ACCREDIA to release certificates. IG tested thermal solar collectors can benefit from public incentives in Italy and the rest of Europe.  Furthermore IG is on the list of “Solar Keymark Test Laboratories” recognised by empowered European certification bodies for Solar Keymark testing of solar collectors.
Main activities
The laboratory carries out mechanical testing to validate durability and reliability of the solar collectors, e.g. testing of internal pressure, resistance to high temperatures, external and internal thermal shock, mechanical load as well as assessment of efficiency and thermal capacity.

Support is also provided by the laboratory for the characterisation of solar collector components through optical analysis of transmission, absorption and reflection, thermographic analysis and accelerated ageing.
Testing of solar collectors according to UNI EN 12975-2:2006
  • Pressure tests.
  • High temperature resistance test.
  • Exposure test.
  • External and internal thermal shock.
  • Rain penetration test.
  • Mechanical load test.
  • Impact resistance test.
  • Indoor (using a solar irradiance simulator) and outdoor steady state efficiency and performance tests.
  • Time constant of a collector.
  • Collector incidence angle modifier.
  • Pressure drop.
Finally the section, thanks to the solar stimulator, is able to carry out testing without delay also during the winter months.
The race for renewable energy has created a considerable increase in the amount of PV energy producing installations and Italy is second in Europe for the production of PV module systems.

To increase and improve production of European PV modules, the new Italian incentive system provides for the raising of the tariff incentives for energy produced by PV modules produced in the EU.
Main activities:
Istituto Giordano’s laboratories carry out product control and testing of PV modules, on site or in the laboratory and measure the real electricity production of large PV module systems with fixed test rigs for 10 yearly controls.
Furthermore, the laboratories carry out testing on the performance of PV modules in extreme temperatures, up to 250 °C.
This test is increasingly requested by the Italian Fire Brigade to assess electrical behaviour of the panels during fires.
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