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Energy certification of buildings

Istituto Giordano can determine the data required to calculate a building’s energy performance as indicated in clause 6.2 "Data pertaining to the thermal and constructional characteristics of a building” of standard UNI/TS 11300-1:
  • thermal transmittance of building envelope components (U);
  • total solar energy transmittance of the transparent part of the building envelope (solar factor g);
  • solar absorption coefficients of the external surfaces of opaque building envelope elements (α);
  • emissivity of the external surfaces of building envelope elements (ε);
  • total solar energy transmittance reduction factors of transparent building envelope elements for movable shading provisions (Fsh);
  • linear thermal transmittance coefficients of thermal bridges (ψ).

More specifically, in accordance with clause 11 "Thermal Transmission Parameters" of standard UNI/TS 11300-1, the Heat Technology Laboratory can perform thermal characterisation of envelope elements, including:
  • thermal conductivity of materials using the guarded hot plate method (UNI EN 12664 and 12667)
  • thermal transmittance of opaque structures (masonry) by means of calculation (UNI EN 1745)
  • thermal transmittance of windows, doors, curtain walling, etc. (standards UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and -2, standard UNI EN 13947)
  • calculation of thermal bridges (UNI EN ISO 10211)
  • thermal transmittance testing of masonry using a hot box (UNI EN ISO 8990).

On the other hand, in accordance with clause 14 "Solar Heat Gains" the Optical department can perform solar characterisation (transmission, reflectance, absorption and solar factor) of:
  • transparent infill materials (glazing, polycarbonate sheets, etc.) in accordance with UNI EN 410
  • shutters (blinds, Venetian blinds) in accordance with  UNI EN 14501 and UNI EN 13363
  • opaque coverings (coatings, waterproofing membranes, etc.) in accordance with CIE 130 and UNI EN 410

It also performs the following tests relating to clause 11 "Thermal Transmission Parameters" of standard UNI/TS 11300-1:
  • determination of thermal transmittance of glazing in accordance with UNI EN 673;
  • determination of normal emissivity of specular surfaces (glass) in accordance with UNI EN 12898
  • determination of hemispherical emittance in accordance with ASTM C1371.
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