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Regulation UE 333/2011

Regulation UE 333/2011 – Scrap metal

In its capacity as recognized Body as specified in (EC) n. 765/2008, Istituto Giordano carries out periodic controls according to Regulation UE 333/2011 on scrap metal.
What is Regulation UE 333/2011?
It determines when some types of scrap metal cease to be considered scrap according to Directive 2008/98/CE.

Who should apply Regulation UE 333/2011?
All those who buy and sell scrap metal, both manufacturers and importers.

Which products does UE 333/2011 apply to:
Scrap: iron, steel and aluminium including aluminium alloy scrap.
What needs to be done to comply with UE 333/2011?
  1. The manufacturer should install a quality management system.
  2. The manufacturer should employ qualified staff.

The manufacturer should seek conformity certification from an Accredited Body (authorised to assess conformity as specified in EC 765/2008) such as Istituto Giordano.
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